About Amelia

I am a trombonist and yoga teacher. These two worlds collided during my studies as an undergraduate trombone performance major. I started experiencing intense neck pain when I played my instrument.  This was due to an overuse injury from holding tension in my body while playing, along with long hours in the practice room.  Around this same time I found yoga.  I noticed immediately how much my yoga practice benefited my music career.  Through yoga I was able to release the tension I was holding in my body while playing the trombone.  Other benefits I experience as a musician include a decrease in performance anxiety and practice stress as well as an increase in focus and mindfulness while practicing and performing.  I knew that I needed to share these benefits with other musicians.

In 2015 I traveled to Colorado to complete my first yoga teacher training.  Since then I have been teaching yoga to musicians to help them release tension, pain, and performance anxiety that they are experiencing while practicing and performing.  I believe that as musicians it is important that we take care of our bodies and minds in order to create sustainable careers. 

I have designed yoga classes specifically for musicians that target the wellness needs of our profession.  All of my classes teach simple, beginner friendly yoga movements, poses, and meditations that are accessible to everyone.  You can find examples of my teaching on my YouTube page.  I am currently a graduate trombone student at the University of Texas at Arlington, and I teach a weekly Yoga for Musicians class to my peers.  I have also taught my Yoga for Trombone workshop at universities including Northwestern University, DePaul University, and UTA.


Master of Music, University of Texas at Arlington, 2020

Bachelor of Music, Oklahoma State University, 2016

Advanced Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy, Kripalu School of Yoga, 2018

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Shambhava Yoga, 2015

Winner, American Trombone Workshop Division II Tenor Solo Competition, 2015

Winner, Chamber Music Tulsa Heckman Instrumental Competition, 2014

Winner, Courtois Trombone Quartet Competition, 2014

Published Article in Glissando Magazine, 2016 


Edwards Instrument Co., see my Edwards Artist page here!

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